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A legally valid deposit

Both authentication and integrity of those data being stored in the e-dpo's safe are guaranteed through such processes as cryptographic fingerprint, time stamping and traceability.

  • Cryptographic footprint is a unique character string resulting from a hash calculation and based on the SHA1 algorithm. It guarantees that your deposit has not been changed in any way.
    For instance, adding a full stop or a comma would be sufficient to break the character string of the file-related footprint.
  • Your deposit is time stamped: the deposit date is recorded and is as reliable as a postmark. Your file, the relevant deposit data as well as the cryptographic footprint are electronically sealed; both date and hour thereof are recorded.
  • Every such procedure as, for example, the intervention of a bailiff is traced back and recorded in a secure and trusted area.
    The very documents pertaining to the deposit (deposit validation e-mail, certification and invoice) are certified and archived. The traceability logs are archived too.

The whole package gives your deposit an evidential value and provides precedence to the deposited work, as can be ascertained at any time by a bailiff where necessary.
Further details about the use of your deposit as an evidence


A secure environment

e-dpo meets the strictest safety requirements. Your data are absolutely confidential; your ID and the preservation of your works are secure.

  • Your ID is made secure through a system which validates your e-mail address upon the creation of your account. Furthermore, you will get access to your account through an identifier and a password which are only known to you.
  • All of the exchanges, from your workstation to your personal space in the safe, are secure. An https-type asymmetric encryption ensures the authentication, privacy and integrity of the exchanged data.
  • The storage facilities for your deposits are highly secure: the premises are secure and all the data are replicated in real time in a backup server.
  • e-dpo relies on the Société Générale's Sogenactif remote payment system, the major French web-based payment solution, which provides secure transactions through the SSL protocol.
  • e-dpo complies with the provisions of the Loi Informatique et Libertés law and is committed to ensuring the privacy of those data being handled. Moreover, only a bailiff mandated either by you or by a court decision may get access to the file contents.

User friendly

With just a few clicks, you can deposit your work, view your folder history and renew your deposit. e-dpo will alert you whenever an expiry date is imminent (deposit and subscription).

  • Using e-dpo does not require any specific software download. You may deposit your works on a 24 hr basis from any Internet-enabled computer.
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  • e-dpo provides an automatic follow-up of your deposits by sending you an e-mail before their expiry dates. e-dpo also informs you before the expiry of your subscription package and draws your attention to those deposits which are possibly left unused under your subscription.
  • You can renew your deposit for another 5-year period by logging into your account. In the event of a non-renewal of the deposit, e-dpo will send you an e-mail to notify the deletion.
    Learn more about the renewal
  • You can view your deposit history and the related documents (certificate and invoice) at any time by logging into your account.
  • If needed, a bailiff will confirm your precedence over the deposited work.
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