How does it work ?

Which medium should be deposited ?

e-dpo accommodates every file format, up to a maximum of 150 Mo. The download will however depend on the quality of your network connection.
Save time and enhance efficiency by compressing your files, which in no way will impair their evidential value.
A deposit is a single folder, which in turn may be zipped and comprise several files, all of which are related to the same work.

A simple process

An Internet-enabled computer is enough to deposit your work with e-dpo.

No specific hardware or software is necessary for a deposit on e-dpo, which is assessible on a 24hr basis.

Step 1: I create an account
Step 2: I deposit by uploading my file
Step 3: I pay on line
Step 4: I receive my deposit certificate and my invoice

Payment is made by credit card, via Sogenactif, which is the Société Générale's secure remote payment platform.
Learn more about the rates and terms of payment.

Your deposit will be kept during a renewable five-year period by e-dpo



e-dpo will send you an e-mail about the imminent expiry of your deposit. You then just need to log into your account and proceed with its renewal for a 5 year-period with a single click.
Learn more about the rates and terms of payment.
You will receive your renewal certificate together with the related invoice by e-mail.
Non-renewed deposits will be confidentially and securely deleted. e-dpo will notify the deletion of your deposit.


An item of evidence

e-dpo can be used at any time for viewing the history of your deposits and the related documents (certificate, invoice…).
If your work authorship is disputed before a court and in order to prove your precedence aver the deposited work, a bailiff will be allowed to gain a specific and secure access to your deposit being kept in the e-dpo safe.
Thus, the bailiff we be able to find, through the process as implemented by e-dpo, that the integrity of your deposit has been perfectly preserved. e-dpo guarantees that the bailiff is the single person who can gain access to the content of your file.
Learn more about the legal validity of your deposit
Learn more about the security and privacy policies as applied to your deposits