Protect your works on line

e-dpo is a secure on-line tool for creators, with legal force, for depositing works. e-dpo harnesses the expertise of SACD and the Maison des Auteurs (SACD Belgium and SOFAM), recognized experts in the protection of works, and applies it to the digital environment.

e-dpo proves the anteriority of your creations. Your works are deposited in a safe certified by legal experts, and are protected for 5 years (renewable).

Deposition space

please deposit your work, regardless of its repertoire, at any development stage, with e-dpo.

I deposit my work

Both authentication and integrity of those data being stored in the e-dpo's safe are guaranteed through such processes as cryptographic fingerprint, time stamping and traceability. Learning more

A secure

e-dpo meets the strictest safety requirements. Your data are absolutely confidential; your ID and the preservation of your works are secure.
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With just a few clicks, you can deposit your work, view your folder history and renew your deposit. e-dpo will alert you whenever an expiry date is imminent (deposit and subscription). Learning more